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Structura can help your team work more efficiently and effectively, getting your infrastructure deployed sooner, in a predictable and repeatable manner.

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On Average
30% More Efficient
-15% Project Costs
10x More Reliable
100% Loved by Engineers

Change the way you implement IaC forever

Structura gives your teams a single pane of glass when it comes to managing infrastructure in the cloud and on premises. Spend more time focusing on your infrastructure needs, and less time on syntaxes

Drag and Drop
Structura provides the building blocks to easily create Infrastructure as Code via its intuitive GUI. Simply drag and drop the resources you need in to the workspace and configure as you go.
Full Terraform Support
Structura understands HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language). Declare configurations using blocks, arguments and expressions without ever knowing how to code.
Infrastructure Visualized
As well as building the perfect code, Structura also helps you visualize how the infrastructure is connected. It’s great for diagnostics and also provides a visual document of the...
conditionals and dynamics
Support for Conditionals and Dynamics
The ability to use complex configuration structures to optimize the use of modules with simple drag and drop style configurations.

More features

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Built in documentation

View the provider documentation for resources, datasources and modules directly within Structura.

Built in analysis tools

Detect security flaws and unfollowed best practices to ensure the IaC is up to standard.

Terraform project support

Work with any existing terraform project within structura. No additional work required.

Import existing environments

Support for importing already deployed projects from AWS, GCP and Azure (and more) and converting to IaC.

Built in cost analysis

Get detailed cost estimates for infrastructure directly within Structura.

The difference is clearly noticeable. No more syntax errors. No more hunting down documentation. Visualize the code and configure infrastructure from one intuitive interface.

Scale with ease

No matter the team, Structura adds value by streamlining the Infrastrutre as Code development process, making scaling an easier task.

Support for existing projects

If you already use Terraform, utilize Structura to manage the infrastructure from where you left off and gain visual insights into your code.

Security using your existing policies

Structura has built in tools that assists with finding potential security flaws and missing best practices within the IaC.

Fast and comprehensive support

Need help, got a question? Our team will be there to help.

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