VILLA-TECH Advanced Zero Trust

Unleash Robust Zero Trust with Precision: Your DevSecOps Powerhouse!

Built upon the formidable open-source foundation of Platform One's Big Bang, be primed to fortify your cyber frontlines. Take charge with mission-ready command and unparalleled compliance.

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Our cross-functional teams collaborate with our Partners from discovery to design to delivery. Our Partners include Global Cloud Service providers, System integrators, and Technology Alliances. We are committed to solve complex federal challenges using emerging technology and together we can do more.


STRUCTURA.IO simplifies the challenges in Day 1 installation and configuration of a Big Bang Kubernetes cluster witha Tetrate Secure Service Mesh. It provides a packaged approach to monitor and manage Day 2 operations with upgrades and patches to the platform and automation tools.

Why Advance Zero Trust?

Zero Trust is redefining cybersecurity for the modern world. Mandated by Executive Order 14028, all Federal Agencies must improve cybersecurity practices to a Zero TrustArchitecture (ZTA) by the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2024. The U.S. National Institute ofStandards and Technology (NIST) in Special Publications 800-207 and 800-207A and Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Zero Trust Maturity Model v2.0 defines Zero Trust strategies to enter an optimal level Zero Trust Architecture across the 5 main pillars of Identity, Devices, Networks, Applications & Workloads, and Data. Optimal level streamlines incident response, reduces manual effort, and accelerates threat mitigation, leading to faster and more accurate security measures by using STRUCTURA.IO to be the Automation and Orchestration guide tool.

How STRUCTURA.IO Supports Zero Trust

STRUCTURA.IO is an Automation and Orchestration tool empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that plays a pivotal role in delivering the pillars of Zero Trust Architecture.

Build - Drag and drop the resources you need and configure them using the built-in schemas.
Plan - Plan the deployment so you know exactly what you will change before creating or changing infrastructure.
Deploy - Apply the changes and reach your infrastructure goals.

Deploy and Operate Kubernetes at the Tactical Edge

With all the tooling available within STRUCTURA.IO we can significantly reduce the technical experience required to Deploy and Operate (Day 1 / Day 2) Cloud, On-Prem and Kubernetes deployments. By utilizing the STRUCTURA.IO Registry teams are able to deploy production ready infrastructure to support PlatformOne’s Big Bang. Big Bang can then be deployed to the Kubernetes cluster using STRUCTURA.IO Deployer. The Big Bang Deployer allows teams to customize theBig Bang deployment to the mission’s requirements, uses SOPs Encryption for sensitive data, and deploys Big Bang by following the GitOps best practices. Our team is able to collaborate with AFNWC teams to include UARCs, FFRDCs and industry partners

Develop Terraform code at any skill level

STRUCTURA.IO gives your teams a single pane of glass when it comes to managing infrastructure in the cloud and on premises. Spend more time focusing on your infrastructure needs, and less time on syntaxes

AI and NLP

The AI is capable of explaining existing implementations of the Infrastructure as Code, refactor code, or generate new infrastructure.

Cost Explorer

The cost explorer gives visibility for the team leads, FinOps, and platform teams into which changes are going to have, or have already made the biggest impact to the infrastructure costs.


The deployer simplifies the deployment of applications, software and platforms such as Platform One’s Big Bang and Tetrate Service Express (TSE).

Private Registry

STRUCTURA.IO comes with a private registry which is a centralized place where you can find reusable, pre-configured Advance Zero Trust and CMMC Level 2 modules

Ease of Use

Packaged deployment of Big Bang using a UI based selection and configuration of DevSecOps pipeline tools.

Eliminates pain points in Big Bang deployments such as secrets creation and Helm configurations using pre-created  templates.


Deploy Big Bang in hours instead of weeks / months.​

Faster path to approval through the use of Iron Bank accredited containers.


Support on-premise and on cloud deployments.

Deploy anywhere from edge to commercial Clouds, to government Clouds and air-gapped environments.​Cloud agnostic components.


Built using pre-hardened DISA compliant containers from Iron Bank.​

Built in GitOps and Secrets Management for enterprise grade deployments.


Secure Cloud Computing Architecture based Landing Zones.


Service delivery accelerator without licensing fee.

Open source components.

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