Introducing the Compliancy Analyzer

Discover unparalleled cybersecurity assurance and elevate your cybersecurity posture with STRUCTURA.IO's latest innovation – the NIST 800-53 Rev 5 RMF Compliancy Analyzer. This advanced tool is a game-changer for both government and commercial sectors, offering a meticulous audit of your Infrastructure as Code across major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google, and on-premises setups.

Our Compliancy Analyzer is more than a tool; it's an educational guide. It illuminates the landscape of cybersecurity threats, referencing both Cybersecurity and Privacy Frameworks, and pinpoints where your resources may fall short of the NIST 800-53 Rev 5 standards.

The brilliance of our Analyzer lies in its ability to not only identify compliance gaps but also educate you on them. Each control family comes with a set of baselines and requirements, visually represented by a compliance percentage. This instant visual feedback empowers you to quickly grasp your security posture and the progress made.

STRUCTURA.IO goes beyond mere compliance checks. We delve into each policy rule, offering comprehensive documentation that breaks down the rule’s significance, suggests resolutions, and compares insecure versus secure resource usage. This approach not only aids in rectifying issues but also fosters a deeper understanding of best security practices.

Progress Bars

Elevate your cybersecurity management to the next level with STRUCTURA.IO's Compliancy Analyzer, featuring innovative progress bars that provide unparalleled clarity and control. Tailored for the nuanced needs of government and commercial sectors, our tool transforms the way you monitor and manage compliance.  These bars give you a quick understanding of your overall security health, down to the individual rule level.

Control Family Level Progress: At this macro level, gain a comprehensive overview of your compliance status across all controls within a specific family. This aggregated view is a powerful tool for understanding your overall security posture and identifying key areas for improvement.

Control Level Insight: Dive deeper with control-specific progress bars. Here, you can see the compliance status of every resource under a particular control. It's designed to handle complexities, supporting multiple providers and a range of resources, making it easier than ever to pinpoint and address specific compliance issues.

Rule Level Detail: For granular management, our progress bars at the rule level offer a precise picture. Understand how each terraform resource aligns with specific control rules, with a clear indication of compliant and non-compliant elements. Non-compliant rules are highlighted with accessible buttons, enabling you to swiftly navigate and configure resources for compliance.


Transform your cybersecurity approach with STRUCTURA.IO's Compliancy Analyzer, a tool designed not just for compliance, but for education and empowerment. Our goal is to provide in-depth understanding, making sure you know not only what to do, but why it's important.  See real-life examples of insecure and secure resource usage, helping you understand and implement best practices.

In-Depth Understanding: Our Analyzer goes beyond mere compliance checks. It educates users on the critical importance of each control, explaining its role in safeguarding your digital environment against emerging threats.

Comprehensive References: With STRUCTURA.IO, you have at your fingertips a wealth of information. We've integrated references to the Cybersecurity Framework and the Privacy Framework, as well as detailed insights into the threats each control is designed to mitigate.

Accessible Knowledge: Knowledge is power, and we make it easily accessible. Every control in our Analyzer links directly to a webpage brimming with additional documentation and explanations, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategies.


Elevate your cybersecurity compliance with STRUCTURA.IO's cutting-edge feature within our Compliancy Analyzer: the Baseline Achievement Visualizer. This tool is expertly crafted for both government and commercial sectors, offering a clear and concise view of your compliance journey.

Targeted Compliance Visualization: Each control within our system meticulously outlines the necessary requirements to meet your desired baseline. This functionality gives you an immediate visual representation of your current standing, making it clear how close you are to achieving your compliance goals.

Real-Time Compliance Tracking: With STRUCTURA.IO, you're not just checking boxes; you're engaging in a dynamic process of compliance management. Our tool provides a real-time analysis of your Infrastructure as Code, keeping you informed about which baselines have been met and which still require attention.

Complete Compliance Mastery: Achieving 100% compliance is crucial, and our tool ensures that no requirement is overlooked. With our comprehensive view, you can confidently ensure that all applicable standards are met across different control families, guiding your organization to full compliance.

STRUCTURA.IO's Baseline Achievement Visualizer is more than just a compliance tool; it's a strategic asset that empowers you with clarity and control over your cybersecurity standards. It's time to redefine the way you achieve compliance.


Streamline your cybersecurity management with STRUCTURA.IO's Compliancy Analyzer, designed to cater to the diverse needs of both government and commercial sectors. We understand the complexity and volume of data involved in compliance management, which is why our tool features a highly customizable interface.

Our tool's filtering capability allows you to customize your view, focusing on what's most important to your organization. With real-time analysis and tailored reports, you can easily demonstrate compliance to stakeholders and seamlessly integrate it into your development workflow.

Personalized Data Management: With our sophisticated filtering system, you can easily navigate through the wealth of information provided by our Compliancy Analyzer. Customize your view by showing or hiding specific data, ensuring that you see only what is most relevant to your current needs.

Efficient Policy and Rule Access: Time is of the essence in cybersecurity. Our tool allows you to swiftly search and find specific policies or rules you're working on, making your compliance process more efficient and less time-consuming.

STRUCTURA.IO's Compliancy Analyzer is more than a compliance tool; it's a tailored solution designed to adapt to your unique cybersecurity needs. Whether you're deep-diving into detailed data or seeking a quick overview, our tool ensures that the right information is always at your fingertips.


Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with STRUCTURA.IO's comprehensive and user-friendly documentation, meticulously crafted for both government and commercial audiences. Our goal is to not only ensure compliance but also to enhance understanding and capability in managing cybersecurity risks.

Four-Part Comprehensive Guide:

Policy Explanation: Delve into the 'why' behind each policy with detailed explanations. Understand the significance of each policy and the specific threats it helps to mitigate.

Suggested Resolutions: We provide clear guidance on code areas that need revision for compliance. This targeted approach simplifies the process of identifying and addressing compliance issues.

Insecure Examples: Learn from real-world scenarios. Our documentation includes examples of misconfigured information, offering a practical understanding of common pitfalls and vulnerabilities.

Secure Examples: More than just identifying issues, we guide you on how to correct them. Our secure examples show you how to adjust misconfigured resources, ensuring adherence to specific rules and enhancing overall security.

STRUCTURA.IO's documentation is not just a manual; it's a comprehensive resource designed to empower you with knowledge and practical solutions. Enhance your cybersecurity practices with clear, actionable guidance.

Embrace a proactive stance in cybersecurity with STRUCTURA.IO's NIST 800-53 Rev 5 RMF Compliancy Analyzer.  This is more than just a tool; it's a strategic partner in your cybersecurity journey. It brings simplicity, clarity, and effectiveness to the complex world of compliance management. Embrace a future where compliance is not just achieved but mastered.

Elevate your compliance, educate your team, and secure your infrastructure. Reach out to us to explore how the NIST 800-53 Rev 5 RMF Compliancy Analyzer can fortify your cybersecurity defenses.

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