Roadmap: Object Explorer

Introducing the plans for STRUCTURA.IO Object Explorer. The Object Explorer intends to make working with existing environments even easier by giving access to users to find existing objects on a given provider. Once the object has been found there are two options:

1. The object can imported into the project as a Terraform Resource Block (HCL) as well as import the object to the state file - STRUCTURA.IO can add the object into the project as a configured Terraform resource block and automatically add it to the Terraform state file - which will allow the object to be managed with Terraform and STRUCTURA.IO going forward. The object’s data can then be accessed from the newly created resource chip.

2. Alternatively, if managing the object (whether it be now or in the future) with Terraform and STRUCTURA.IO is not desirable, then the object can be dropped on a configuration field where the user will be able to select the piece of data the wish to use - without creating any resource configuration.

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