Visualize Terraform Plans

In STRUCTURA.IO 1.7, we are happy to introduce the “graph plan view”! This feature visualizes the “terraform plan” in our graph view. At AWS re:Invent 2022, several people expressed to us how the terraform plan would be greatly enhanced if we visualized it with our software!  We couldn’t agree more, so we got to work!

Now, instead of scrolling through the terraform plan output, just toggle the plan view to quickly visualize the changes. The resources become color coded: green for “adds”, orange for “changes”, and red for “destroys”. Sometimes a change will cause a resource to be destroyed and replaced, in that case, the graph will color it as green with a red circle indicating a destroy and replace. Furthermore, modules (which can contain multiple types of changes) will be represented on the graph with the same color codes as well as the number of each type of change that it contains.

This can be especially advantageous for spotting which resources will be destroyed! It is easier to miss that when scrolling through the long plan!Lots of changes in your plan? You can even toggle the visibility of “adds”, “changes”, “destroys”, or any combination of the three in order to hone in and work faster.

“But wait, there’s more”! The color coded graph is only the high level overview of the plan. To get the details of each change in the plan, simply hover each node while the graph plan view is toggled, and a pop up appears with the resources change details. It filters out all of the unnecessary data (attributes without changes) and beautifully shows only the data that matters (the changes), unlike the standard plan output.

Whether you integrate this new visualized plan view into your pipeline as an image attachment, or just use it in real time to review changes more efficiently, we believe the feature is quite nice to have!

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